Kanon Rock Update 2 – The Final Push

Kanon Rock - Spoony Version

We’ve come a long way in a couple of weeks. Your support has brought us closer than ever to realizing Kanon Rock – indeed for the first time, I’m starting to wonder if stretch goals will become appropriate. If we were to exceed the goal by certain amounts, we could incorporate blu-ray discs into the reward tiers, or make a short behind-the-scenes piece to go with the dics (though in all honesty, most excess funding will go to the hiring of additional artists to speed up the animation process and further increase its quality). If you have any ideas for stretch goals, feel free to message me on Kickstarter or post a comment!

But we must not get ahead of ourselves – we still need over $1000 to reach our funding goal and there is only a week left in the campaign. Make sure to let your friends know that the campaign is reaching its end, and with some luck, we’ll soon have made it to our goal.

Before I leave this weekly update, I want to give a huge shoutout to our new backers referred to us by the Spoony Experiment website, a repository of first-rate humor about last-place games and movies. Your support has been incredible; let it never be said that the Spoony fanbase doesn’t support its own! In appreciation for your contribution, the weekly image is the custom icon made for the Spoony Experiment Kanon Rock promo, featuring host Noah Antwiler.

Kanon Rock is one week from realization – let’s get it there in one piece!


Kanon Rock on Kickstarter – only one week remaining!


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