The End of Summer

It’s been a long summer, one of despair, triumph, and change. The one thing it was relatively lacking was site updates – let’s rectify that.

Kanon Rock, the longshot kickstarter that began from a simple, one-week animation class project, became a rousingly successful campaign, accumulating over $7000 from more than 120 supporters from around the world. Progress is a bit slower than planned, but they tell me that’s expected, sadly enough. My team and I are currently plowing through character design, and I’m slowly getting out contracts for the composition phase of work. Next comes storyboarding, finding the elusive good producer, and background design, before production proper begins.

Kanon Rock’s success thus far is owed in large part to my friend Noah Antwiler, sometimes known as The Spoony One;, on his gaming/movie rant site The Spoony Experiment. 3 years ago now, I offered my animation skills to create his first animated intro, and now I have the chance to create a new intro for him again. This work is nearly done, and merely awaiting the inclusion of participants from the Kanon Rock campaign – I estimate its completion to occur in the next month. 

I did some more photoshopping work – my Fanart Section now includes a fine portrait of the famous Nuptup the Vileplume, unofficial mascot of Projared’s Pokemon Nuzlocke Playthrough. My Digital Painiting section also includes a portrait of my late grandmother, who passed away at the age of 88 in early August. 

My final year at the University of Southern California begins tomorrow. I’ve actually done a good bit of Filming; this summer – besides the promotional videos for Kanon Rock, my Fanart Section also gains the video I made for fun, in humble celebration of my 21st birthday. 

That about summarizes the summer, and that about wraps up the post. Rest assured that the coming year will bring better art and film than ever before – and if you stick around here and by the Twitter , you won’t miss a single one.





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