Sketch and Such

One month, roughly, into my last year of undergrad – a busy year, no doubt.

I finished a new animation project quite recently, that of the Noah Antwiler’s Spoony Experiment, which took a good part of the summer, but was more a learning experience than even I suspected, and hopefully you’ll agree (when it’s released) shows some fine work.


This screencap, coincidentally the intro’s 100th frame, is part of the opening flashes to Noah’s various… programs, and hopefully incorporates the kind of detail that will be conducive to many a view.

I’ve been doing some sketching.

Morning With Creme and Lemontea [sk]

I intend to make a full-color photoshop of this piece, tentatively titled Morning with Creme and Lemontea, inspired by the song Morning, Lemontea from Armored Core.

Besides that, Kanon Rock’s pre-production proceeds. It shall go into the next year, and the artists I’m directing are doing a fine job. If I can finish those boards, we’ll be in good shape.

Speaking of that, better return to work.

Signing off,


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