Sketches and Fanart

As part of one of my classes, I’ve begun sketching just about on a weekly basis. I figure the best venue for my not-quite-finalized pre-work is here, so let’s put some sketches up!

This one will truly come into its own when in color. The intent is to have the majority of the light emit from the stain-glass window at right, and to study and attempt to replicate the effect and texture of such a light.

This is a sketch for a friend’s video game project, which will involve magicians battling and play out similarly to a card game. This image depicts a fictional character, Lycikell the Prodigy, preparing a magical seal by lantern light. In color, I believe the feel of the magical presence will be much emphasized.

Finally, I had the good fortune this week to visit Indiecade in Culver City. I regret nothing but not staying for the Night Games, was able to try a mediocre demo for the spectacular technology that is Oculus Rift, and meet Tulio Adriano, the creator of notorious 2010 Sega Genesis game Pier Solar.

I was sufficiently inspired to try my hand at some Pier Solar fanart, seeing as there’s little around, as far as google is concerned. I spent a good few hours – still not really satisfied, but I figure I’ll wait to play the game and get some actual context on the events and characters therein to draw more (the demo I played followed the character Houston as he realized he’d have to venture into dangerous caves to find herbs that could postpone his father’s passing – I took a shot in the dark as to what those herbs would look like:)


All these sketches will be added to their respective site pages soon! Hope you enjoy the work – and speaking of work, I need to get back to it. More art will follow!

Until then,


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