Touching Sound – Final Purchase! – UPDATE: OVER!

[UPDATE: Finished! Thanks to your support, we raised almost $700 toward the submission of Touching Sound to festivals! We hope you will keep an eye out for Touching Sound’s Film Festival Screenings and if you were one of our Backers or those who pre-purchased, for your downloads later this year!]

ORIGINAL POST: [Links disabled]

For a limited time only, those who had not backed the Kickstarter for Touching Sound may purchase either the digital download of the film (and associated subtitles in English and Korean along with English commentaries) or the film and its soundtrack.

All proceeds from this process will be devoted to funding Touching Sound’s festival run, paying for

  1. Festival Submission Fees
  2. Creation of High Quality Theatrical video formats (such as DCP – the Digital Cinema Package)
  3. Creation of a Theater-Ready Sound Mix
  4. And many more!

Please note, neither package includes a credit in the film, and both will be delivered after all Kickstarter backers have received their copies.

TS Download Package
Film Only $20.00 USD
Film & Original Soundtrack $30.00 USD


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