I was one of the kids who drew a lot from a young age, but I started animating when I was in the third grade. They were little 12 frame things playing at 3 frames a second or so, and most are gone for the ages now (and better for it). But by the time I was in 6th grade, I was creating dozens of 100 frame animations and sewing them together into longer movies for class projects and short dramas.

In middle school, inspired by the variety of work being posted on at the time, I began animating in adobe flash, and my productivity increased ten-fold. My first works had mild receptions online, but the criticism encouraged me to improve further, and by high school, many of my films were winning awards at local high-school film festivals.

My film Straw Boats Borrow Arrows secured me admission to the University of Southern California’s film production program, where I currently study.

I draw much influence from the anime works of Miyazaki, and his lesser known contemporaries Makoto Shinkai, Mamoru Hosoda, and Mamoru Oshii (lots of M names…huh). I love Don Bluth’s Secret of Nimh, and never tire of singing praise for Dreamwork’s The Prince of Egypt. I also look to video games for inspiration; I believe in the nature of video games as a great artistic medium, and try as much as possible to immerse myself in it. Shadow of the Colossus, Journey, Persona and the lesser-known Fragile Dreams and Muramasa the Demon Blade were all memorable experiences that I never tire of reliving.

Most of all I believe in the power of animation to tell fantastic, beautiful, mature stories, and I want to push animation to tackle subjects its usually not used to address. I push my animation away from the childish/comedy sensibilities it’s become known for in the US in attempt to live up to the words of one great animator, who phrased his view thusly:

“”This is not the cartoon medium. It should not be limited to cartoons. We have worlds to conquer here… We’ve got more in this medium than making people laugh.” –Walt Disney


Ruler of the Stars (2005)
The Incredible Sharp ‘N Spin (2006)
Dual Arms Nocturnus (2007)
Dual Arms Precipice (2007)
Final Fantasy Tenki (2007) Daily 5th Place –
Will (2008) Best Directing – 2nd Annual Spotlight High School Film Festival
Somnium (2008) Best Animation 3rd Annual Spotlight High School Film Festival
Straw Boats Borrow Arrows (2009) Grand Prize Winner – 2009 Bay Street Animation Festival
Sonnet 73 (2010)
Dual Arms Verbatim (2010) Daily 3rd Place, Frontpaged –
The Spoony Experiment Intro (2010) Also seen on The Spoony Experiment website where it was featured as the opening of various game and movie reviews.
Sent North on a Rainy Night (2012)
The Water Sound (2012) Daily 4th Place –


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