Independent and freelance animation work – in most projects, I served as storyboard artist, animator, and background painter.

The Spoony Experiment Intro (2013)

(1 min) The official intro animation, as of 2014, for the video game and movie review/rant website The Spoony Experiment, whose youtube channel has over 80,000 subscribers, and whose site receives tens of thousands of unique visitors every month. Set to ‘Break Me’ by the Irresponsibles – USED WITH PERMISSION.

Current opening for the videos Final Fantasy XIII – Part 5 and Final Fantasy XIII – Part 6

The Water Sound (2012)

(2 min) An original animation following an ancient Japanese poet’s search for inspiration, and how it comes when he least expects it.

Official Selection for the 2013 Vancouver Asian Film Festival.

Dual Arms Verbatim (2010)

Dual Arms Verbatim menu


(14 min) An ambitious flash project – 2 years of production throughout high school were needed to complete it. 3 assistant animators and 8 voice actors participated. A second part was planned but never made.

Newgrounds – Daily 3rd Place, User Score 4.13/5.00 (1000+ votes), 26,000+ views (2014)


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