Kanon Rock (2016)

(Kickstarter Campaign)

A conductor traces his journey to artistic maturity by infusing the timeless music of Pachelbel’s Canon in D with the modern spirit of rock. A Kickstarter-funded project, which raised over $7000 in 3 weeks. The 2-and-a-half year production recruited over 15 artists from 8 countries, and is now showing in festivals around the world.

Pandora Poster

Pandora’s Wake (2014) – (EMAIL ME FOR SCREENER PASSWORD.)

Featured Selection – 2015 San Diego Comic Con International Independent Film Festival

The far future – armed bandits scour the desert, raiding caravans for raw material and food. Their leader, Hess, guides their assaults with deadly precision, but secretly harbors a love for books, the last remnant of civilization. She thinks she can keep her two worlds separate. Tonight, they will collide.

Mel from the Illuminati (2015)

Animated pilot for dark comedy series following Mel of the Illuminati and his understudy Dan out on his first assassination. Dir. Luis Iga, Script. Ryan Gilmore

The Spoony Experiment Intro (2013 Version – Youtube )

Animated intro to the video game rant and humor site The Spoony Experiment, over 5 years running; the site’s third intro, the first of which I also created in 2010.

Trolls & Goblins by Red Vox (2016 – RELEASING SOON)

Animated music video for the song Trolls & Goblins by Red Vox, directed by the lead vocalist Vinny, of streaming channel Vinesauce. The video was a multinational collaboration, which I produced, and contributed a segment.

Timeless by CarterXJ (2015)

Animated music video for the song Timeless, from the critically acclaimed debut album No Windows by CarterXJ.

The Water Sound (2012)

Featured Selection – 2013 Vancouver Asian Film Festival

A poet in medieval Japan strives to overcome his writer’s block, and finds inspiration just when he least expects it.

Straw Boats Borrow Arrows 061710
Straw Boats Borrow Arrows (2009)

Grand Prize Winner – Baystreet Animated Film Festival 2009

An adaptation of a chapter from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, wherein a brilliant strategist devises a way to steal arrows from an enemy general.

Dual Arms Verbatim menu
Dual Arms Verbatim (2010)

Daily Top 3 – 24,000 views on – 15 Minutes

An original Sci-fi short following spies and corruption in a futuristic Empire which rules over multiple parallel worlds.

Sonnet 73v2012icon_twilight
Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73 (2010)

An adaptation of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73, a reflection on death and old age.

Sent North on a Rainy Night (2012)

An animation based on a poem by Li Shangyin, reflecting on a lonely traveler’s longing for his distant love.


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