Assembly of conceptual art, backgrounds, and paintings demonstrating environmental design ability. Most works were created in Photoshop, but traditional painting examples and some sketches are also included.


Pandora’s Wake Background (Click to Enlarge) Panning Background for thesis film Pandora’s Wake. Photoshop, 2014


Sent North On A Rainy Night Background Background for integration/animation in After Effects animation project. Photoshop, 2012

Grass Vultures_v2

Grass Vultures Concept design for original story. Photoshop, 2013

Venn Mian

Venn Mian City concept design. Photoshop, 2012

Sejerian Morning

Blue Moon Eternal Sketch Sketch for story concept. Pen on paper, 2013.

The Water Sound Background Background for short film The Water Sound. Acrylic on Canvas, 2012

Gale Winds, Lightning Swift (疾風迅雷)

Gale Winds, Lightning Swift (疾風迅雷) Concept inspired by song ‘Lightning Speed’ (aka Gale Winds, Lightning Swift). Oil on Canvas, 2009

Place Under the Stars cropped final

The Place Under the Stars Color Study. Oil on Canvas, 2007

Japan Series #2 Miyajima Torii

Miyajima Location study. Oil on Canvas, 2008.

Chroma 4 (1000x754) copy

Chroma No. 4 – Spectral Color Study. Oil on Canvas, 2010

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