My fanart, especially for games and anime, ordered alphabetacally.

Catherine Game

A live action how-to video, instructing on the creation of the signature cocktail of the Catherine video game – the Rum and Cola.

Norcal Install – Competitive Catherine 2013

Promotional video for the 2013 Competitive Catherine Event hosted at Game Center San Mateo, run by NorCal Install, streamed by Finest KO.


In attempting to recount the famous game-over motto from the Catherine game, one mod had the great fortune to not be able to type the ‘L’. Thus a meme was born.

Persona 3

Thirteenth Arcana
The Thirteenth Arcana Thanatos as presented in Atlus Software’s Persona 3

Pokemon/Projared Nuzlocke


A tribute to the notorious Vileplume Nuptup, unofficial mascot of youtube star Projared’s Pokemon Nuzlocke letsplay videos.

Shadow of the Colossus

Wander smallcp
Wander At Rest Wander, the main character of Team Ico’s Shadow of the Colossus.

Zoids New Century Nova


Cover to a 14-chapter fanfic, written long long ago.


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