Touching Sound (2016 – Expected)

(Kickstarter Campaign)


A feature-length documentary film, focusing on 2009 Arcade Game DJMAX Technika, one of the first touchscreen music games, its mysterious abandonment by its company, and the community which strives today to keep its memory alive. A Kickstarter-funded project, which raised over $8000 in 3 weeks in March of 2015. The project features testimonial from former fans and developers of the game, is estimated to have a final length of 90 minutes and will be shown at film festivals around the world.


Award of Merit 2014 Best Shorts Competition

USC School of Cinematic Arts Student Thesis film.

When you die, your life doesn’t flash before your eyes. Instead, you meet the God of Death, who offers you one chance to prolong your life. You play a game of your choice against her, and if you win, you live a little longer. Lose, and it’s the last thing you’ll ever do. Win or lose she plays against you. Has played since time began. And strange enough, despite her work, she does not revel in death.

This is her story.


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