Kanon Rock – An Ode to the Passion of Music

Kanon Rock is a new short animation about the power of music to persist over the ages. It was successfully funded on in Summer of 2013, and completed in the Spring of 2016.

Test Animation

The first attempt to depict Kanon Rock was made for an animation class at the University of Southern California. In a single week, the following one minute video was created, set to a pre-existing remix composed by Taiwanese guitarist Jerry C.

In addition to using a pre-existing remix of Canon in D, the test animation’s Conductor design has been modified slightly, as has the concert hall itself for the complete Kanon Rock video. Furthermore, the finished animation will be cleaner, more elaborate, and generally of higher quality. In particular, the audience members will be more detailed (see the kickstarter rewards program), and the fantasy of the conductor, even in this first minute, will be even more colorful and expressive.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

On July 8, 2013, Kanon Rock was funded via to the tune of $7021 thanks to the contributions of 123 different backers! Production has proceeded onward ever since, using the funds to hire out character design, background design, and other production work.

Although the campaign is no longer taking contributions through, the campaign page remains here as a proud testament to the appeal of the Kanon Rock endeavor.


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