Paintings in acrylic and oil on canvas. (Click to enlarge.)


“100 Years 10,000 Blessings”

Acrylic on Canvas, 2015

The Seasons cycle one into the next - oil on canvas & photoshop.

“The Cycle of Seasons (Seasons I-IV)”

Oil on Canvas, 2010

[Fullsize 8800×2200 pixels]

The Last Waterfall(1400x2072)

“The Last Waterfall”

Oil on Canvas, 2010

The Raven

“The Raven”

Oil on Canvas, 2008

Gale Winds, Lightning Swift (疾風迅雷)

“Gale Winds, Lightning Swift (疾風迅雷)”

Oil on Canvas 30×40″, 2009

Place Under the Stars cropped final

“The Place Under the Stars”

Oil on Canvas, 2007

Japan Series #2 Miyajima Torii

“Japan Series #2: Miyajima Torii”

Oil on Canvas, 2008

Grandis Mare #2: A White Dawn

“Grandis Mare #2: A White Dawn”

Oil on Canvas, 2009


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